About us


We started out in purple.​
SCDTC was originally chartered in 2009 as the Huckleberry Hounds Agility Club of Sanders County, Montana.  As our mission and scope expanded, we morphed into Sanders County Dog Training Club.  However, purple is still our favorite color, followed closely by teal, the new "official" club color.

We're local.

SCDTC has about 60 members, most of whom joined us initially because they wanted basic manners training for their family dogs.  Classes are fun for everyone, so people return for more classes and dog-related activities.  Although we have a few members in outlying states, most members are local folks who have expanded their social circles with their new "dog friends."   We're always eager to welcome new members!


Here's a sampling if what we do.

The list gets longer every day, but here goes....we hold classes for dog agility, Rally Obedience, traditional competitive obedience, tracking, freestyle (dog dancing), Canine Good Citizen tests (we have our own evaluator and can also administer the test), 4-H "Dog Project," canine first aid, and canine behavior.  We provide free dog collars and dog ID tags to anyone in the county who needs them, through our "Get 'Em Home" project.  We developed and currently manage the Thompson Falls Dog Park.  We visit schools and present dog safety demonstrations to kids.  We hold agility and obedience demos at many public functions. We promote therapy dog training.  We host fund-raising booths at various public functions.  We've even written our own dog-training book, The Care and Feeding of Huckleberry Hounds.