We're expanding!!

In May, SCDTC approached the Thompson Falls City Council about the possibility of expanding the dog park by annexing another 5,000 sq. ft. area to the west of the existing fenced area. They unanimously said yes, noting that our club has already made an outstanding contribution to the community. The current dog park, which is 160'x60', has proven itself so successful and popular, that the city leaders had no qualms about letting us grow.

So...we are now in fund-raising mode once again. The new chain-link fencing will cost $4000 installed. We are partway there; our club's annual yard sale took in $1200 in June. That leaves a balance of $2800 we must raise, with a goal of fence completion by early in 2019.

The new area will retain its natural vegetation (minus the noxious weeds). The area is currently carpeted in natural grass and pine needles. Several large pine trees supply welcomed shade. We anticipate this will be a great area for little dogs to play and romp, separated from the sometimes over-exuberant activities of big dogs.

The new addition will also give the park more flexibility; we can hold dog training classes in one section, without alienating other users who are only there to let their dogs play.

Between now and completion, please forgive us for ringing the fund-raising bell. So many of you have contributed dollars and time in the past to help us reach our dog park goals...and it has paid off! But there is so much more we can do for our dog-loving community, without having to spend taxpayer funds. If you enjoy and support the Thompson Falls Dog Park--or even if you just want to contribute something worthwhile and lasting to your community--please consider a donation of any amount to help us reach our $4,000 goal.

You can mail us a check, or you can contribute securely and quickly on-line through our Paypal account. YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE, since Sanders County Dog Training Club is a 501.c.3 nonprofit group.

If you prefer to write a check, please make it to: SCDTC. Mail it to SCDTC Dog Park Fund, P.O. Box 641, Thompson Falls, MT 59873.

To donate on-line, just click here:

Thank you!!

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